Equipment for hardware cosmetology


Hardware techniques, which are based on biomechanical stimulation (BMS), are becoming increasingly popular in modern cosmetology.

Biomechanical stimulation is a mechanical influence on the human muscles, which is directed along the fibers for control of circulatory function. The variable effect on the muscle causes its longitudinal vibration. As a result, the circulatory function of muscles is increased, metabolic processes in tissues are improved.

Kiev Scientific and Production Firm «Eleron» (SPF «Eleron») develops and produces cosmetology equipment «CHARM», which implements these methods. The first devices were created in 1996. Today SPF «Eleron» produces 6 types of devices:


«CHARM» - for biomechanical stimulation, lymphatic drainage and biomagnetic stimulation of the face and neck, microdermabrasion, mechanical face dermatology;

«CHARM – body» - for lymphatic drainage and mechanical dermatology of various parts of the body;

«CHARM – combine» - the device that combines the functions of the first two;

«CHARM – micro» - a miniature analogue of the «CHARM» device;

«CHARM – BC» is a compact analogue of the «CHARM – body» device;

«CHARM – fitness» the device for home use.


Apparatuses are manufactured according to the specifications of TУ У 29.7-22965502-002: 2012 under the trademarks «CHARM» and «ELERON». 

The certificate of the European Union (Registered Code: АТ-528-0611). 

«CHARM» devices are protected by patents for inventions: UA № 74668, 88822, 101252, 108725, 108726; RUS №2388451 and utility patents UA №№ 82654, 68198.

Our equipment has passed approbation in medical and cosmetic institutions and has won recognition of professional cosmetologists and visitors of cosmetology salons in 23 countries of the world.

The methods implemented by «CHARM» devices are based on mechanical impact on the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle of the body. This is the most natural effect from the point of view of physiology. The skin during such procedures is not injured and does not stretch, blood circulation is stimulated, metabolic processes are activated, trophic tissue improves, elasticity of muscles is restored. Thanks to this, high efficiency and safety of «CHARM» devices in cosmetology is achieved. 

According to the doctors-cosmetologists, the «CHARM» devices are an alternative to plastic surgery and injecting cosmetology. The effect from the use of «CHARM» devices is noticeable already from the first sessions. With the help of «CHARM» devices you can adjust the age changes, simulate the face and body shape.

Today «CHARM» is the most perfect and effective equipment for the implementation of BMS techniques.


Advantages of «CHARM» devices:

- Many variations of face and body care programs;

- Minimum  contraindications;

- Painless and comfortable procedures for all skin types and at any age;

- A quick result and a lasting effect after the course of procedures;

- No expensive consumables;

- High reliability, safety and absolute silent operation.


Since 2016 SPF «Eleron» produces «CHARM» devices with expanded functional capabilities. In the new series of professional «СНARM» devices implemented:  


- Smooth adjustment of the vibration frequency of the nozzles in the range 1 ... 99 Hz;

- Connection of "one-touch" fixed frequency oscillation nozzles;

- Modes of normal and increased force on the body;

- 10 levels of adjustment of the vibration amplitude of the nozzles;

- The inclusion and adjustment of the timer operation time;

- Touch (no-button) control of operating modes;

- Audible alarm of button operation;

- Measurement of the total operation time of the device.


Our cosmetologists will teach you how to use the devices «CHARM».  Such training will increase the effectiveness of our appliances using «CHARM». 


We are constantly working on improving our products. It is important for us to know about the advantages and disadvantages of «CHARM» devices and we will be grateful to you for all comments and wishes.